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Anti Pollution Masks

Anti Pollution Masks

In 2005, it was estimated that approximately 1,000 accelerated deaths and 1,000 extra respiratory hospital admissions occurred in London as a result of PM10 air pollution. In truth, Londoners only have to see what lorries and buses are kicking out to be sold into the concept of protecting their health. Masks provide the only way to block out lung irritants and other pollutants, many of which are carcinogens. So what can an anti-pollution mask do to help? Masks help prevent lung irritation and cancer. Many different pollutants - when mixed together - can cause irritation to respiratory systems. Wearing a mask helps to prevent cancer as there are known carcinogenic agents such as pyrene and benzene present in petrol fumes. There are also less weighty reasons for wearing a mask. The masks are an awareness statement to the other road users in cleaning up the environment.

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