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If you are looking for an Italian bike which oozes style, performance and beauty, look no further than Basso Bikes, which are now available @ Wiggle.

The Basso brand has been built on decades of knowledge, passion, racing and innovation and is true to the tradition of Italian cycling. The company is large enough to source only the finest materials – most of which are derived from the aerospace industry then developed and engineered specifically for cycling – yet small enough to care that every customer receives a bike perfectly tailored to their needs.

Whether you are drawn to the aesthetics of these beautiful bikes or intrigued by the materials used in their development, the Basso brand never fails to impress.

Basso Bikes were created by Alcide Basso for whom cycling was an integral part of family life: as a boy he watched his brother develop into a world champion while competing at a high level himself. Using that knowledge and, perhaps most importantly, that love and enthusiasm for all things bike-related, he has created bikes for those who, like him, love cycling so much they make it an important part of their lives.

Whether it's the Devil Xenon custom design alloy bike or the racy carbon monocoque frame of the Astra Ultegra, every Basso combines Italian style, high performance and unbeatable value.