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Crank Brothers

Carl and Frank (hence Crank Brothers) have always been keen MTBers. Ever since they were engineers working for a diving equipment company in Southern California in the late 1980s, they have been exploring ideas of how they could design cycling products that would improve their riding experience. In 1994 they launched their first product: the highly innovative “Speed Lever”. This telescopic tyre lever made installing/removing tyres from rims much easier. The M series mini tools and the Power Pump range of mini hand pumps followed 4 years later; the latter including the proprietary “high volume/high pressure” switch that is still appreciated today. The brand’s breakthrough, however, came when Crank Brothers launched the Eggbeater pedal in 2001: an extremely lightweight, minimalist pedal with superb mud-shedding capability and 4-sided entry. It is this same pedal platform that paved the way for subsequent pedal models to cover all MTB disciplines – Candy, Mallet and 5050. Today many of the top athletes in the World ride crankbrothers pedals. You will find they are well represented at top level cross-country MTB, Cyclo-cross and World Cup DH events. Innovative design of aesthetically disruptive products remains the core mission. All crankbrothers products are technical, durable and beautiful.