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De Marchi

Born in 1906, their founder Emilio De Marchi, was a pioneer of cycling clothing. He always loved all sports and cycling in particular and a few months after the end of world war II he opened what was then called ‘maglifico sportivo’. Today, one hundred years after Emilio De Marchi’s birth, and sixty years after the founding of the company they are still around. The same family has owned and operated De Marchi sport for three generations with the same mission as always: design and create the best cycling clothing on the market. Today, when you wear De Marchi, you have the exclusive feeling that you are wearing an artisan product, entirely handmade but with an advanced conception that comes from decades of authentic technological innovation. De Marchi Sport is a unique company in the cycling clothing world and our results show it, with 38 world Championships earned in various cycling disciplines.