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Fleeces & Hoodies

Fleeces & Hoodies

Wiggle list a large range of casual fleeces and hoodies from top brands such as, Berghaus, Dirty Habit, e.thirteen, Endura, Helly Hansen, Kona, Nike, Race Face and Sombrio. These are the perfect casual garment for riding down the pub or just relaxing in. The Hoody, which is basically a long sleeved hooded sweatshirt, received a large amount of bad press as a fashion garment since Bluewater Shopping Centre banned them from being worn in 2005. But did you know that historical precedent dates the style and form of the hoody back to the Middle Ages? The formal wear for Catholic monks included a cowl, a long, decorative hood worn in addition to the standard tunic or robes. Would you stop a monk from shopping?

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