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Moon X Power 400 Front Light


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Front Lights

Cycle light technology has moved on greatly over the years, traditional 'bulb' lights have been more or less replaced by LED and HID systems. Battery, lens and reflector technology has been improved greatly resulting in brighter and longer run times. Wiggle lists a large selection of bicycle lights suitable for lit streets in the city, or unlit country lanes and even bike lights suitable for off road riding, ranging from around £8 to over £300 they vary greatly in purpose and performance. Tiny LED's with flashing or constant modes are great for being seen in built up areas, whilst rechargeable systems can keep the road or off-road trails lit up for non-stop riding at night.

All electrical goods sold on wiggle that come with a mains power supply are supplied with a UK plug. Please check the product description to see if any other plugs are known to be included in the box, otherwise you may need an adapter for use in your country. Most power adapters will accept 110-240 Volts.

In order to cycle on the road it may be a legal requirement in your country to use a light certified to a specific standard or an international equivalent. Most but not all lights sold on Wiggle are certified and labelled with a European CEN standard. Please check your country’s requirements to see if this is sufficient and if necessary contact the manufacturer to see if this light has been additionally certified for your country. Strangely some of the very best lights are not legal on their own and should be used with an additional legal backup light.

For information on the current, often confusing, state of UK law please click here