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Contact Us - Wiggle Customer Service

Bank Holiday

Due to the bank holiday period there may be some delays over the weekend, please bear with us as we will be working hard to get back to you as soon as possible.

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How do I contact wiggle?

If you are contacting us about an order you have already placed, please use the contact form in your order history page.

How do I access my order history?

  1. Please sign in with the account that the order was placed with
  2. Once on the 'My Account' page on the left navigation menu select 'My Orders'
  3. This page is now displaying the last 10 orders that have been placed, please find the order you would like to place the query about and select 'View'
  4. This is the order details page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen where the 'Order Options' are displayed and select the link with 'Contact us about this order'

If your query is not about an existing order please email us via We aim to respond to all queries as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

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Customer Services Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: 8:00 - 16:30 GMT

We do not currently offer a call centre facility, however if you direct your query by email to a customer service representative will be happy to call you back upon request.

Otherwise address any correspondence to our registered office address as follows:

Wiggle Ltd
3 Optima
Northarbour Spur

Important Information

There are no facilities for customer personal collections at this address. Please do not attempt to collect an order as you will be turned away which may cause offence.  There is no shop front or customer service facility available at our warehouse.

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International Customers

Wiggle can receive and respond to emails in the following international languages:

Language Website E-mail
Spanish Wiggle Spain Spanish Support
German Wiggle Germany German Support
Japanese Wiggle Japan Japanese Support
Dutch Wiggle Netherlands Dutch Support
Portuguese Wiggle Portugal Portuguese Support
Italian Wiggle Italy Italian Support
Chinese Wiggle China Chinese Support
Russian Wiggle Russia Russian Support
English- US Wiggle USA English- US Support
English- AUS Wiggle Australia English- AUS Support
French Wiggle France French Support


If you are shopping with Wiggle internationally you will be pleased to know we have skilled Spanish, French, German and Japanese customer service advisers ready to answer any queries regarding help understanding product information / general Q&A’s, translations of order emails and more.

Simply email us as normal via the addresses in the table above in your chosen language. We aim to respond to all queries as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Otherwise address any correspondence to our registered office address, which is:

Wiggle Ltd
3 Optima
Northarbour Spur

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Have wiggle received my email?

When you first email you will receive an automated reply with our current lead time for replying to emails.

If you do not receive this message it means that we have not received the email correctly and this is probably because your email has been blocked by our spam filter.

If you have emailed us for the first time and not received a reply within 4 hours please try the following:

  • Ensure the email address you are sending to is
  • Use the subject line: Contacting wiggle [and the order number if you have one]
  • In the email use only the text: Please contact me
  • Do not include any attachments

Following these steps should ensure your email is successfully received. We will then get back to as soon as possible and will deal with your enquiry. 

Please note,

  • You will only receive the confirmation message when you first initiate an email with us
  • You will not receive the confirmation message when you are replying to emails we have sent you.
  • Once you have either received an automated reply or a reply from one of our customer service advisors subsequent emails in the same reply-chain should always be received successfully

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What if I have a complaint about wiggle?

We've put our heart and soul - not to say the last few years of our lives - into wiggle and we will not allow you to become dissatisfied with us. If you have any complaint, criticism or concern about any service provided by wiggle, just contact us at the address above or preferably email: We will acknowledge your concern within 24 working hours and offer a resolution within one week.

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Feedback Form

We value your opinion, let our web team know what you think.

If you have a problem and need us to respond, you can contact customer services directly.