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Wiggle Rewards

Customer Rewards and Reviews - Wiggle Customer Service

Customer Rewards and Reviews

Loyalty Rewards

Wiggle Gold and Platinum Customers receive the very best discounts available. This means Gold and Platinum Customers are rewarded each and every time they shop at Wiggle, even for small regular purchases such as inner tubes, cycling kit, energy food, energy drink and more!

The Gold and Platinum status is automatically determined by the amount spent over the last 365 days:

  • Gold Customers have spent over £100 in the last 365 days 
  • Platinum Customers have spent over £500 in the last 365 days

Gold Customers receive an exclusive 5% discount off the list price of all products that have not already been discounted. They also exclusively receive a 5% discount off the list price of all products including all bikes and frames. These discounts are not available to standard customers. Gift vouchers and memberships are not included.

Platinum Customers receive an exclusive 12% discount off the list price of all products that have not already been discounted. They also exclusively receive a 12% discount off the list price of all products including all bikes and frames. These discounts are not available to standard customers and discounted by only 5% to Gold Customers. Gift vouchers and memberships are not included.

Standard Wiggle customers will not receive any of the above discounts, which are exclusive to Gold and Platinum Customers, because we think it is only right to reward our loyal customers the most.

Your current status will automatically be calculated from the amount spent on your account within the last 365 days and updated by our checkout if you are a Gold or Platinum Customer. You simply don't need to do a thing!

Gold and Platinum discounts:

When you purchase a Wiggle gift voucher this does not contribute to your running total for Gold/Platinum status. However when the vouchers are spent on a product the discounted total is then applied to your running total for the year. If you have been given a gift voucher, the amount related to the voucher does not count towards your Gold/Platinum total when applied to an order.

For Example
Bought individually: 1 pair of Tights (List Price £37.99)
Customer Status Price Paid Saving £ Saving %
Standard £37.99 £0.00 0%
Gold £36.09 £1.90 5%
Platinium £33.44 £4.55 12%

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Gold and Platinum prices are applied to the list price of a product. If that product is already discounted below the Gold / Platinum price, you won't receive any additional discount
  • Vouchers don't count towards your running total when you buy them, but does get added when you spend them.
  • The value of any returned items will be deducted from your running total.
  • Postage costs do not count towards your running total.
  • This discount is subject to change at any time.
  • Gold and Platinum discounts cannot be applied to Memberships, Event Tickets and Wiggle Gift Vouchers
  • Orders placed as a guest will only be included towards your running total if you sign in at the end of the guest checkout process

You can keep track of your order history and monitor you current customer status via the My Account section on

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Refer a Friend

Everyone likes to get a great deal, even more so when it’s FREE! When you sign up to the Wiggle Refer a Friend scheme both you and your friend will benefit: your friends will get a free pair of dhb UltraLite Sunglasses (lens colour may vary, depending on stock availability) and you will get a voucher for 10% of their first order total!

Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Sign in to your Wiggle account and enter your friends email address in the Refer a Friend form
  • Your chosen friend follows the link in the email they receive from us and place an order with Wiggle over £50.
  • Your friend will receive a pair of dhb UltraLite Sunglasses (lens colour may vary) for free with the first items despatched from that order.
  • We will then send you a voucher for 10% of the value of your friends invoiced order.

Terms and conditions:

  • You must already be a Wiggle customer (must have ordered from Wiggle before) in order to refer someone else.
  • Your friend must spend over £50 on their first order. Any gift vouchers are not included in the calculation of order value to qualify for this scheme.
  • Your friend must make the purchase within 6 weeks of being referred using the email address you have given us.
  • It must be your friend’s first Wiggle order.
  • If their order is shipped in multiple despatches we will send you your 10% voucher out to you each time a package is sent.
  • Each 10% voucher will be valid for 90 days.
  • The voucher cannot be applied retrospectively to orders.
  • You cannot use any gift voucher in conjunction with your 10% discount voucher for one order.
  • This offer applies only to purchases made solely online with Wiggle.
  • This scheme is intended for consumer use only. No business, commercial entity or Wiggle Affiliate partner may benefit from this scheme.
  • This scheme has been set up in good faith by Wiggle to help you out with your sport. Abuse of the scheme will not be tolerated.
  • Customers who setup an additional email address (or addresses) purely for the purpose of recommending the additional email address (or addresses) in order to benefit from the 10% voucher created under this scheme, may be, at the sole discretion of Wiggle, excluded from participating in this scheme.
Note: We apologise, but the 'Refer a Friend' scheme is currently not available in the following countries:
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

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Customer Reviews

You can now write product reviews on Wiggle. These are beneficial to other shoppers out there like you and are great feedback for manufacturers, so that they can improve their products based on customers’ feedback.

In order to leave a review, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the product that you wish to review
  2. Click on the ‘Write a review’ link that you will find under the rating stars. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Customer Reviews’ tab and then on the ‘Write a review’ button.
  3. You will then be taken to the review form with the following sections:
  • Your product rating
  • Your review
  • Share your photos or videos (optional)
  • Share your products (optional)
  • Your information
  • Tell us what you think about Wiggle

Please note that you are reviewing the product. All feedback related to the service Wiggle provides should be included in the section ‘Tell us what you think about Wiggle’ only.

Below you have a guide to leaving helpful reviews:

  • Be honest, but constructive: A good review should not put others or their opinions down.  It’s important to write from a constructive angle.  Instead of saying ‘this item sucks, it failed on the first ride and upon a warranty replacement, the same thing happened’, tell the reader what about it failed and what would make it a better product like this: ‘this item cracked at the top weld and upon warranty replacement, the same thing happened again.  It would be much better if they adjusted the angle to release pressure’.  This way, the customer knows the reason for the negative review and can value your opinion.
  • Specific: Details are good, so make sure you get into a little bit of detail.  Point out the features you think are good and if possible, why.  Likewise, if you think a feature is poorly designed or has a problem with it, be sure to say why you think this.  ‘the zip on this jacket is just so wrong’ isn’t very helpful.  Instead, mention why this is and potentially what could be bettered by the manufacturer next time.  ‘the zip on this jacket is not double stitched and so easily comes apart from the jacket material’ would be very useful.
  • Unbiased: Not every item you buy will suit you perfectly.  Remember though, just because it isn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t mean it isn’t somebody else’s. Try and write about the product from an unbiased point-of-view. If you don’t like the colour of an item, say ‘the colour doesn’t really suit me’ instead of ‘what an awful colour’.
  • Balanced: A good review should point out the good points and the bad in a product.  Occasionally you will be so utterly delighted in a product, you will leave it top marks, but you must write about why.  Other shoppers find it useful to know why you think something is so great.  Otherwise, it will be deemed by the reader to be an invaluable review.  Likewise, it’s rare a product has no good points whatsoever, so even with your frustration and will to leave an all negative comment, remember to explain accurately why you are unhappy with the item and if at all possible, complement the review with any features that are good.
  • Congruous: All that this fancy word means is that the comments you make in a review should match the rating attached to it. Ratings should be based on the quantity and importance of suggestions (i.e. typos are rather minor, whereas product suggestions are a more major issue).  If you say an item is ‘perfect,’ but then leave a rating of 3, you will have very confused shoppers.

Avoid your review being rejected:  Above all else, ensure your review isn’t rejected by avoiding the following things:

  • Don’t swear
  • Don’t mention competitors
  • Don’t mention the price as this may change
  • Don’t review our service; focus on the product, our service can be reviewed later
  • Don’t plagiarize, it is your review and no one else’s

When writing a product review, you have the option to add a video to your review. This is simply done, so long as you have video recording capabilities on your mobile phone or digital camera or even have a proper video camera.

There are a myriad of tips we could give you in terms of lighting, ranges, lens/filter options, but this guide is to advise how to get your message across to the buying public who find video reviews incredibly helpful, not to baffle you with the technicalities of film making.

  • Relation: Before adding your video review, you will most probably have written a basic accompanying review. Use the video to confirm, highlight and annotate your written review. Don’t issue a video review that contradicts your written review, or else the viewer will become confused and find your review of little help.
  • Quality: You don’t need a high cost video camera to make a good quality video. Make sure there is plenty of light where you are shooting the video. If inside, turn on all the lights to make it as bright as possible. If outdoors, try not to shoot video directly into light to avoid shadows. If taking close up footage, try using your camera’s ‘macro’ mode. It often appears as a small flower on, or next to a button.
  • Demonstrate: Viewers usually want to see the item in action. Try setting up the camera so you can model your new item in front of the camera. Pointing out all the features you think are neat or what you feel lets the item down. Remember to stick to reviewing the product you bought and not stray onto other items you’ve recently bought. Feel free to narrate your video.
  • Avoid: Remember, this is your review so don’t use somebody else’s. The viewer may become confused if after your written review, a video is attached which makes little correspondence to the written subject.


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