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Some time in 1985 Steve Hed emerged blinking from the gloom of his garage with a prototype aero wheel in his hand. Twenty-five years, hundreds of hours of wind tunnel testing and dozens of top-level professional victories later, we’re making the fastest wheels in the world. In the past three years alone, the winners of all three Grand Tours and the winner of the Hawaii Ironman have won on HED wheels. As every serious cyclist knows, wheels are a major source of drag. How do you lower that drag? That’s where HED comes in. We have gathered a frankly mind-blowing amount of data from both wind tunnel and real-world testing. We’ve exhaustively measured variables like rolling resistance, crosswind handling, cornering and wheel stiffness and factored them all into the equation. OK, so Steve doesn’t build them in his garage any more, but every HED wheel is hand made by our expert wheelbuilders in Shoreview, Minnesota. Although our wheels are constantly evolving as we gain more knowledge, the top-quality workmanship that goes into making them will never change.

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