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Lemond Fitness

Lemond Fitness

LeMond Fitness was formed in 2002 by Greg LeMond. Our main office is located in Woodinville, Washington, USA. Under Greg’s leadership, LeMond Fitness is continuing Greg's passion for developing exciting new products that help individuals achieve their fitness goals and train more effectively. As the first American to win the Tour de France, Greg transformed the world of cycling. LeMond Fitness bikes reflect Greg’s same passion for cycling products that break out of the mold. Tired of indoor training and exercise bikes that have nothing to do with cycling at all, Greg has reinvented this product category – making LeMond Fitness the industry gold standard for high quality and exceptional performance in stationary cycles. Designed like great road bikes, all Lemond Fitness exercise and training bikes offer user-friendly adjustments and innovative cycling programs to make a workout and training program more effective. We also believe in giving back ... supporting young cyclists, helping athletes train, and working with kids to instill a lifelong appreciation of the power of being fit.

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