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Mad Fiber

At Mad Fiber, all we do is make bicycle wheels—the most technically advanced, drool-worthy wheels in the world. This is an almost complete reboot of the bicycle wheel—an entirely different concept, and an entirely different way of building wheels. It wasn’t something that could be done at an existing facility—we needed fresh blood, and a whole new way of manufacturing. So we started our own company to do it, and rounded up some really smart guys, with exceedingly sharp pencils, some serious computational chops and manufacturing know-how. It also doesn’t hurt that we’re in Seattle, and able to make use of the region’s vast technology manufacturing base that exists to support Boeing. We exploit local Boeing sub-contractors for some parts production, but Mad Fibers are entirely American-made, built in a nearly 100-year-old converted bakery building where we now cook up the world’s tastiest bicycle wheels.