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MTB Slick Tyres

These road tyres will fit Mountain Bike wheels and are primarily for road and light trail use. They will be faster and grip better than a standard ‘knobbly’ styled cross country tyre on road. These tyres work by putting a large area of grippy rubber in contact with the road so they only need a minimal tread pattern. This semi-slick design reduces rolling resistance and improves both speed and safety. Sharp objects like thorns and glass are likely to work their way through your tyres and cause punctures so choose a model with built-in puncture protection. After all, you will want to get home from work or morning ride on time... especially if it's raining! Kevlar shielding as found in the Schwalbe tyre range is a common choice and works well at reducing the amount of punctures. Some Continental tyres even come with a 1 year anti puncture guarantee and use a Kevlar and Polyamide filaments to form a protective belt under the tread.