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Jason Simms - Athlete & Event Manager

Jason Simms

The best thing about working for Wiggle is working with the latest most up to date cycling kit you can lay your hands on! Oh and let's not forget about the people I work with too! Everybody shares the same passion weather it's Road Cycling, Running, Swimming, Triathlon, MTB, Downhill, or whatever tickles your fancy, the passion is there in heaps!

I manage and coordinate Wiggle sponsored Athletes & Cycling Events. It's great to be part of something big and out there for all to see, whether it's at a race or at a sportive event, It's good to know that along the way I've played a part in what makes Wiggle and the industry I work in a great place!

I've been at Wiggle 3 years and in my time I've absorbed an awful amount of knowledge. Wiggle like to allow you to carve your job role and the team of people I work with are a wealth of really useful knowledge which has provided me with solid foundations to build on. This gave me the confidence to make the right decisions and develop further.

Are you passionate? Are you dedicated? If your answers are yes, what's stopping you! Get involved and share in what makes Wiggle a great place to work!