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Rosa Reboredo - Performance development executive

Rosa Reboredo

My name is Rosa Reboredo and I am a Performance development executive at Wiggle. I have been working at Wiggle for almost 3 years now and I must admit that it's a fun and friendly environment that I truly love!

The best thing about Wiggle is the people who work in the company, they are passionate, hard working and super friendly. The work here is exciting, fun and often very enjoyable.

Wiggle is a place where everybody cooperates and really pulls together as a team to improve themselves and the business on a daily basis.

Make no mistake about it, this is a fast paced successful business with plenty of challenges. Our teams work together to prove that we can 'wiggle' our way out of any situation. I would recommend a job at Wiggle to anyone who is looking for a challenging, fast paced working environment filled with opportunities.