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Sugoi Zap Cycling Cap

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Out of stock all Cycle Headwear

Sugoi RC Pro Glove

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Sugoi Women's RS Tri Tank

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Sugoi Resistor Shoe Cover 2013

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Sugoi RPM Bib Shorts

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Out of stock all Lycra Cycling Shorts


The word SUGOI is a Japanese term for 'Incredible'. At SUGOI, we dedicate ourselves to SUGOI’s 'personal best' work ethic to create incredible sports apparel that includes clothing and equipment for triathlons, biking, running, swimming, working out, and even casual lounge clothes. SUGOI produces cycling shorts, running shorts, sports jerseys, bibs, vests, swim suits, jackets, and other clothing specifically designed for racing, training, layering, and casual wear. Find bike gloves, sports hats, booties, arm warmers, leg warmers, socks, and all-purpose bags in SUGOI's large variety of biking accessories, running accessories, and apparel geared for race day. From award winning bike shorts, to our popular signature Helium Jackets, to Race + Recovery sports socks, which have performance and health benefits that were quantitatively verified at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, SUGOI boasts quality sporting clothes that are not only performance-driven, but comfortable and fashionable too. Whether you are a professional athlete or an enthusiastic rookie, SUGOI can dress you head-to-toe with quality, impressive sports apparel. At SUGOI, we know you strive for personal bests, and so do we, producing incredible products every time.