Topeak Flash Stand Workstand


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A bicycle workstand is a great investment, they hold your bike securely leaving both hands free to work. They hold the bike in the air and can usually be adjusted in height and angle, this means you can reach those awkward parts and rotate the wheels, cranks and adjust gears and brakes at will. Most workstands have a 'jaw' which clamps around the bike, we suggest clamping at the seatpost as this is usually a thicker material than the frame and less prone to damage. We also list a range of wheel jigs within this section. Wheel jigs are used for holding the wheel while being 'trued up', these are exceedingly handy as they feature guides to help you remove both sideways and up and down buckles. Both types of workstand will usually fold away for easy storage, or you can even take them to a race to help set your bike up.